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What's more, those same people suggest the chipset employed by the new wave of Macs may have little or nothing to do with Intel at all.(This should not be confused with the primary CPU, which will continue to come from Intel.) Exactly what alternative Apple has chosen remains unclear.During a recent quarterly conference call, Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer uncharacteristically made references to ongoing investments in new product technologies that would pressure the company's profit margins but leave competitors scrambling by the side of the road."We have some investments in front of us that I can’t discuss with you today where we’re going to be delivering state of the art new products that our competitors just aren’t going to be able to match," he said, "and as a result, I would see gross margins being about 30 percent and that’s – that’s all I can tell you at this point." Since Apple's new Mac notebooks aren't necessarily following the same rollout schedule as competitive offerings based purely on standard Centrino 2 components, people familiar with the next-generation systems say it will be at least another 6 to 8 weeks before the company makes an official announcement.If you do not know how to spot the perfect gay dating site, here are a few of the best features you should look for: -firstly, the website should have an overall user friendly layout, where you can find extremely easily and quickly whatever you are looking for.A fast loading time of the web pages is also of paramount importance.may sport some of the most significant architectural changes since the Mac maker made the jump from Power PC processors to those manufactured by Intel Corp., Apple Insider has learned.As part of its move to Intel chips in early 2006, the Cupertino-based company largely abandoned its practice of using custom motherboard chipsets to support the primary CPU in its Macs.

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However, with Apple striving to maintain Mac sales growth of more than two times the industry average, it's again looking to differentiate the architecture of its personal computer systems through alternative technology that will afford it an advantage beyond the reach of its competition.

As such, people familiar with these plans say an upcoming generation of Macs, lead by a trio of redesigned notebooks, won't adopt the Montevina chipset announced as part of Intel's Centrino 2 mobile platform earlier this month.

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